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You are the company you keep

I’m Rinat Perlman and I believe that our lives are about relationships – love, family, friendship,
work, money and health. I also believe and it has been my own experience, that the way we are in all of our relationships is a reflection of our core relationship with ourselves.
And – all those relationships, with others, and myself, depend upon ongoing attention and work.


GOOD COMPANY is the home for GOOD yoga, GOOD therapy and GOOD learning.


GOOD COMPANY is about our participation in life as individuals and as part of a community. Within GOOD COMPANY you will find a holistic amalgamation of schools of life: yoga, modern psychology and Buddhism as well as aspects of Judaism, which is my personal tradition and influence.



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My personal style is direct, open, engaging and affirming. I offer a diversity of resources for understanding the potential in deeper self-knowing. My in-depth knowledge of Yoga, Buddhism, modern psychology and the business world has been acquired by studying all disciplines over many years. I earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in business and counseling by studying in leading universities in the world. I have extensive experience and knowledge in the science and arts of yoga and spirituality and have been studying consistently with world-renowned influential teachers.I have worked with, taught, mentored and coached thousands of people over the years and I want to keep going as it makes me feel helpful and with a purpose.

In GOOD COMPANY I want to meet you where you are and take you where you want to be.

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A school of yoga based on the integration of principles from three main schools: Iyengar yogaAnusara yoga and Hot yoga.

Good therapy


A holistic mental support system aimed at helping people to cope with the ongoing challenges of life.

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A social framework to come together as a community and to expand our knowledge and experience in different subjects and with a more conscious participation in life.

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GOOD yoga school represents the fundamental core belief that people are inherently good. The disciplined practice and teachings are aimed at helping us unveil our basic goodness while developing a kind and loving attitude towards one self and others. GOOD yoga is a people-centered school based on the integration of principles from three main schools: Iyengar yogaAnusara yoga and Hot yoga. It is also infused by the principles of Buddhism and Tantric philosophy.

GOOD yoga emphasizes alignment and accuracy in the performance of yoga postures, honoring students’ individual capacities and progress.
The teachings are both sharp and gentle with the intention of balancing a strong and focused physical effort with training the mind to relax within the effort.

GOOD yoga classes are offered to students of all levels, beginners to advanced. GOOD yoga school offers programs and training suitable for students aspiring to deepen their physical practice and knowledge of the practice and the philosophy. Students interested in pursuing teaching yoga as a profession can find a professional qualification path under GOOD yoga school, from introductory level through advanced teacher trainings and mentorship programs.




Good therapy

GOOD therapy is a mental health support system offered to people of all walks of life – individuals, couples, families and companies. The GOOD therapy process is directed toward helping to identify, practice and adapt a gentler, self-loving attitude to deal with the ongoing challenges life has to present. Close and personalized guidance for the management and resolution of professional and personal difficulties and crises is a central part of my work.

My main areas of expertise include:

  • Relationship issues – personal and professional
  • Couple counseling
  • Adoption competent
  •  Teenagers’ issues
  • Communication & boundaries
  • Depression, Self-worth, Anxiety and Stress
  • Personal life and Career development.




Good learning

The definition of learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skill through study, experience, or being taught. In GOOD learning we do it together. We strive to acquire or expand our knowledge in various subjects under a common thread of improvement and a more conscious participation in life. Under GOOD learning you can join study groups, workshops, retreats and seminars in a variety of subjects such as:

  • Mindfulness & Buddhism
  • Parenthood
  • Relationships
  • Personal development



Rinat Perlman Hong Kong


I am Rinat Perlman. I was born in Israel and moved to Hong Kong on 2001. I am a mother of four, daughter, partner, sister, friend and a student. I practice and teach yoga. I have a yoga teacher.
I am a counselor. I have a therapist and a supervisor.I mentor and coach and I have mentors in my life.


I believe the core of GOOD yoga, GOOD therapy and GOOD learning is the nature of the relationships between the people involved: yoga students and their teacher, clients and their therapist or mentor. I strive to build a warm, empathetic, supportive and empowering relationship with my students and clients. My ambition is that our relationship and work together will help you feel fearless in your heart and more deeply connected to yourself and others.

See Yourself Better

I am interested in your life and your well-being. I am interested in your development and growth. I will walk your path beside you and offer my knowledge and experience so you can explore and expand your life.

I want to meet you where YOU are – the good, the bad and all the rest.

– Rinat Perlman